Konantü - USA

Konantü is a Brooklyn-based collective whose work explores social cooperation in guided inter-individual relational patterns within a constructed framework, designed by artistic director Courtney Smith. Since its inception in 2014, Konantü works have taken place in a variety of spaces, both formal and improvised, from empty buildings and public parks to galleries and institutions, in the form of workshops and participatory performances. Recent Konantü projects include Brando at MACRO Museum, Rome; Trenza at Sala de Máquinas, Santiago de Chile; Rodeo at Chicago Manual Style in Chicago; Colóquio at Casa do Povo in São Paulo, Brazil; Paradero at Casa Wabi in Mexico; The Ring produced by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) in Los Angeles; Patria Ley Dios at HAWAPI residency in Tacna, Peru and Quadrilla de Yungay performed in multiple public locations, produced by the Siemens Foundation in Santiago de Chile.