Ehab Ellaban

Ehab Ellaban was born in Cairo in 1976 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000. He leads multifaceted career; a curator, cultural operator, and a sculptor whose creative practice comprises of contemporary sculpture often conceptualized for public open space commissions. In Egypt Ellaban has curated Still Valid, a Selection of Contemporary Egyptian Art Practices at Sharjah Art Gallery of the American University in Cairo 2011; the 11th and 12th International Cairo Biennial, 2008 and 2010, and he is currently preparing for the 13th edition whichis planned to take place in 2019. His career also includes several high profile group shows and culture events such as; Egypt Salon, 2008, 2009, and 2010; Faces, 2009; Stars of the Day 2006; and the 1st Sculpture Salon, 2004. Since taking charge of Ofok Gallery at Mahmoud KhalilMuseum in Cairo in 2005; he has organized a multitude of international exhibitions such as; Solo Exhibition for Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, 2007; Alf Leila We Leila by Spanish artist Sicilia, 2006; Contemporary Spanish Art Selections from Alicante, 2006; Italian Author’s Book and Artist’s Graphic, 2006; Contemporary Italian Art Exhibition, 2005 and Nuevas Tendencias Photografia, 2005. He has curated solo exhibitions of renowned Egyptian artists such as Menhatallah Helmy, 2005; Sobhy Guergues, 2007; Adam Henein, 2007; Salah Taher, 2008; Ahmed Nawar, 2009; Adel El Siwi, 2010; Farouk Hosni and Nazli Madkour, 2011, Internationally, Ellaban was Egypt’s coordinator for La Quatrième Pyramide, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2008. He has also curated the shows at the Marrakesh Art Fair, 2010, MENASAart Fair, Beirut, for Ward CultureArt Center, 2011 and Palm Beach Art Fair for Syra Arts Foundation, 2012. Most recently, he has curated the 25 Years of Arab Creativity exhibition at the Institut duMonde Arabe, Paris, 2012 which was later shown at three Arab counties; UAE at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, KSA in Riyadh, and Bahrain. Ellaban was also nominated Art Advisor for the Arab Express exhibition at the Morai Museum in Tokyo. Another project is Architecture Created by Sculptors in 2012 His current and future projects include: Describing Egypt, and A Visit to the Egyptian Museum. Ellaban is currently the Director of the Arts Center (Aicha Fahmi Palace )since 2015 He Curated the series exhibitions of Treasures of our Museums ( Coptics & Islamic Textiles, Features of an era ) and the Artistic Director of the 13th international Cairo Biennale
ehab ellaban