Mattar Bin Lahej- UAE

Mattar Bin Lahej is a second-generation Emirati artist and an innovative thinker of a distinctive signature in his paintings and a bold approach to his sculptures. He developed his own style present in all his works, the style of movement through which different types of fine art are explored, understood, and nurtured. Combined with an unwavering resolve to challenge the present situation, change the accepted and bring new perspectives to the foreground, and, therefore, overturn the standards in an exciting way, this style has contributed to the interest of his audience in culture and language through using a new perspective.
Bin Lahej’s talent is manifested in the presentation of creative individuality, not the comprehensive solutions of design. His style is characterized by a deep, personal, artistic perspective. Using canvas, metal, or wood, he creates artworks that promote better intellectual and emotional connections between the art object and the audience.
Bin Lahej is part of the architectural culture in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for the projects he carried out in collaboration with selected developers, including artworks for “Jumeirah Al-Naseem” Hotel, “Qasr Al-Watan” in Abu Dhabi, and the Museum of the Future of Dubai Future Foundation
Bin Lahej is also the founder and owner of “Marsam Mattar”. Established in 1991, “Marsam Mattar” has contributed to the enrichment of the art movement in the United Arab Emirates through supporting both established artists and young talents. Today, Bin Lahej is one of the most influential figures in the United Arab Emirates art scene.