Ariel Hassan - Argentina

Ariel Hassan was born in Argentina in 1977 of Spanish-Turkish background. He currently lives and works in Australia and Germany.
Hassan’s work is caught within a realm of existential paradoxes; here, chaos is assimilated as an endless source of information from where to encounter new visual experiences that challenge cognition and rigid principles. Albeit having painting as a main focus, the work expands into a myriad of mediums that feed on philosophy, science and poetry to deliver its own translation.
Recent exhibitions include: Tragedy of Equality (act1) void+, Tokyo, Japan (2018); MAKING ALL THINGS EQUAL, GAGPROJECTS Australia (2016); Personal Structures/Crossing Borders, Palazzo Bembo, Venice (2015), Capitulation of Discourse, GAGPROJECTS (Australia 2014), The First Kochi-Muziris Biennale (India 2012-13), Traces and Determinants, Aura Gallery, China (2013)