Nikki Luna - Philippines

Nikki Luna is known for her body of work which primarily tackles social/political concerns
through the lens of the woman perspective. It covers—and is not limited to—misogyny, women used as weapons in war, and women’s human rights. Luna’s concept of a woman is not limited to just a gender but an idea that comprises the displaced, the vulnerable, and the wronged. With her passion for Women and girl-child rights in developing countries, and having attended her MA at UP Women and Development Studies program. her background naturally informs her art. Currently she is a recipient of the UK Chevening Scholarship, completing her MA in Arts at Goldsmiths University, London.
Luna is a Painting major graduate from the Universidad de Filipinas (UP) Fine Arts. She went on to take her art residency at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. She has represented the Philippines at the Singapore Biennale, Aichi Japan Triennial, Beijing Biennale and is preparing for her exhibit in Dusseldorf and Vienna for 2019. A CCP Thirteen artist award recipient and New York Asian Cultural Council grantee.