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Ehab El-Laban
Ehab Ellaban
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1Kafour St. Orman Post. Giza

Born in Cairo in 1976, Ehab Ellaban leads a dual career as a creator and as a cultural operator; his creative practice comprises a career of contemporary sculpture, both in white cube and public open space commissions.

His works have been exhibited internationally in Italy, France, Romania, Kuwait and China.

As a cultural operator, Ellaban is the artistic director of Horizon Gallery, one of the Egyptian public spaces satellite to the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Musuem

he has managed, co-directed and directed numerous local and international shows, among which:
Photography of Chima Madoth (2007),
The Author’s Book and the Artist’s Print (2006),
Contemporary Spanish Photography (2006),
Contemporary Art from Italy (2005),
Contemporary Painting from Argentina (2005),
Cairo Biennale (2004, co-curator),
All-Egyptian Artists Exhibition (2003).