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Cairo Underground 
Cairo has the first and only one Metro in the whole Africa. It is brand new, well kept and efficient. Two lines are under operation, a third one under construction. A funny detail: the first two coaches are for women only!

Attention: The names of some stations are different on many maps and in reality. For example "Nasser" is named now "Mohamed Nagib" and "Dzezira" "Opera"

Cairo Cab
The introduction of a new organized private Taxi service was finally realized in March, 2006. The new "yellow" taxis offer a more reliable, luxurious and advanced taxi service in modern air-coditioned cars (Hyundai Elantra, Volkswagen Parati and the Chevrolet Optra) through the help of three privately run companies operating in Cairo, Giza and Qalyubia. There are stops for the cabs and there is a free number to order a cab. The cab drivers speak English for the millions of tourists. An average cab ride is $3 USD, prices may vary on distance. There are now 130 cabs and it is estimated that at the end of the project there will be 2000 cabs.

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