Rules & Regulations:


XII International Cairo Biennale
Terms, Regulations & Guidelines

1- The XII Cairo Biennale invites selected artists, either through direct contact or in co-ordination with private or official institutions.
2- The Cairo Biennale’s General Director invites the artists selected in collaboration with the President of the Cairo Biennale and the organizing committee.
3- The Cairo Biennale invites one (or more) Guest of Honour.
4- The Biennale welcomes all methods of expressions, mediums/media and interdisciplinary approaches.
5- The XII Cairo Biennale opens to the public on December 12, 2010.
Guidelines for Submission .
6- Works that have been exhibited before in local or international events are not accepted. Accordingly, works sent to the Biennale’s organizing committee should indicate the date of creation to be in the past 24 months.
7- For two and three-dimensional works: each artist is invited to submit up to three works. For time-based and installation artworks, artists are advised to arrange with the General Director for proper logistical arrangements.
8- The same individual arrangements between the artists and the XII Cairo Biennale management is encouraged and advised for art projects that need special arrangement like performance, video installation, and trans-genre pieces. Preparation will be performed according to the Biennale’s available equipment, space and other resources. Additional external resources provided by the artists through institutions are taken into consideration.
9- For two-dimensional works: the maximum size is 300 cm from any dimension.
For three-dimensional works: the maximum is 200 cm from any dimension for indoor display. For outdoor display, artists are required to arrange with the biennale General Director.
For time-based media: all audio tracks, whether audio works or video audio tracks, all dialogue verbatim is required to be translated to English.
10- Artists and/or their representing institutions are required to send the following:
A - The XII Cairo Biennale application form, completed and signed
B - Artist bio not exceeding 150 words
C - Personal photograph of the artist
D - Two hi-resolution images in JPEG or TIFF format
E - For installation and/or works that require particular assemblage, please send scanned or digital sketches and instructions. 3-D demonstrative instructions are solicited and encouraged.
F - For time-based media: for sound works please send sound files on CD, labeled with duration and digital extension. For video works, please send the whole video content on DVD-R. It is indispensable that all specifications like voltage, Watt and Ampere, electric plug types.

Digital Image Requirement for Printing Purposes
11 - Artists and/or their representing institutions are required to send the images with the following specifications:
A - Resolution: 300 dpi
B - Formats: TIFF or JPG / JPEG
C - Minimum 18 cm on any one plane
D - Each file should include: title of the work, name of the artist, dimensions, medium, year, name of the photographer, and “courtesy of” if any.
E - For printed images: please include all information above on the back of each image.
F - All text data are required in one of the following formats: .doc, .rtf, or .txt.
G - All applications and material are required ion electronic and hard copies. For hard copies, please send the files on the email of the XII Cairo Biennale.
12 - The received materials remain the property of The XII Cairo Biennale.
13 - The Egyptian Fine Arts Sector as well as the XII Cairo Biennale reserve the right to use all materials supplied by the selected artists and/or their representing institutions for the promotion of the event, with absolute protection of the artists’ intellectual property rights. The XII Cairo Biennale management team carries the promotion, mediatization, and PR of exhibition and artworks.

Deadlines and Reception of Artworks
14 - The material required for the catalogue: texts, digital files and images are required to reach the XII Cairo Biennale before September 30, 2010.
15 - All artworks are required to reach the XII Cairo Biennale before November 20, 2010. The Biennale management team reserves the right to exclude artworks that arrive after the deadline.
16 - Artists and/or their representing institutions are required to package, insure and ship artworks to the XII Cairo Biennale, as well as to retrieve the works back.
17 - The XII Cairo Biennale urges artists and/or their representing institutions to inform the Fine Arts Sector by fax upon the dispatch of artworks. The fax should include all required information to release the artworks from customs: Performa Invoice, Tracking Number, shipping company as well as flight number.
18 - Every artwork must have an accompanying form with: artist name, country of citizenship, country of residence, permanent address, title of the work, dimensions, insurance value. The information on the form should be identical to the application form supplied. A similar sheet must be attached to the crating box of the artworks.
19 - All exhibited works are required to be retrieved within thirty days after the exhibition end date. The retrieval process is to be taken in arrangement with the Egyptian Fine Arts Sector.
The XII Cairo Biennale Prizes
The XII Cairo Biennale Jury: the jury is composed of seven members, six of whom are international professionals, and one Egyptian jury member.
Prizes: The XII Cairo Biennale offers one Grand Prize and three equal Biennale Prizes.

The prizes are allocated as follows:
Nile Grand Prize: of value one hundred thousand Egyptian Pounds.
Biennale Prizes: three equal prizes of fifty thousand Egyptian Pounds
Applications are expected to be sent to the following address:
Fine Arts Sector - Ministry of Culture - 1 Kafour Street - Orman Post Office - Guiza - Egypt

For electronic correspondence and applications:
Satellite Exhibitions in Conjunction with The XII Cairo Biennale:
• Arab Artists in Diaspora
• Contemporary Egyptian Photography


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