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  Driss Ouadahi
  Mourad Messoubeur
  Shaun Gladwell
  Caroline Ramersdorfer
  Ulrike Müller
  Niyaz Nadjafov
  Delson Uchoa
  Marlon de Azambuja
  Janet Bellotto
  Matthew Carver
  AIvan Navarro
  Matko Vekić
  Alejandro Campins Fleita
  Niels Reyes Cadalso
  Maria Loizidou
  Lara Alphas
  Eleni Mouzourou
  Yioula Hadjigeorgiou
  Maria Papacharalambous
  Helmi el Touni
  Amal kenawi
  Kareem Abdelmoteleb Alqurity
  Khaled Hafez
  Mohamed Radwan
  Billy Lee
  Hannu Palosuo
  Bo Taslé D'Héliand
  Koka Ramishvili
  Hans Dieter Zingraff
  Hannah Van Ginkel
  Justine Otto
  Jannis Varelas
  Nedim Kufi
  Qais Al-Sindy
  Sarah Browne & Gareth Kennedy
  Paolo Guiotto
  Rita Mele
  Valeria Corvino
  Patrizio Tavaglli
  Hakim Jamain
  Woojung Chun
  Abdel Rasool Salman
  Evelina Deicmane
  Walid El-Masri
  Zena Assi
  Goce Nanevski
  Joël Andrianomearisoa
  Hassan Bourkia
  Mounir Fatimi
  Alejandro Perez Falconi
  Hector Zamora
  Frank Lenferink
  Pascal Van Der Graaf
  Gregor Kregar
  Onyilo Uloko Samuel
  Naiza Khan
  Josephine Turalba
  Ali Hassan
  Salman Al-Malik
  Abdulnasser Gharem
  Marco Cianfanelli
  Mikhael Subotzky & Patrick Waterhouse
  Sam Nhlengethwa
  Jose Mª Rosa & Maria Bleda
  Tobias Bernstrup
  Nathalie Djuberg
  Luca Frei
  Ismaïl El Refaï
  Meriem Bouderbala
  Brian Alfred
  Annabel Daou
  Dahlia ELSayed
  Nadia Ayari
  Rheim Alkadhi
  Juan Burgos
  Bernardita Rakos
  Kudzanai Chiurai
Ahmed Mater Al-Ziad

Caroline Ramersdorfer


Saudi Arabia





Austrian-born Caroline Ramersdorfer studied philosophy in Paris and sculpture in Carrara, Italy, and her sculpture is rooted in both disciplines.

 About ten years ago, a grant for a multimedia project led to the series Inner Views, works in marble that use light and space to create physical and spiritual interiors. Both large and small scale, her work is a study in contrasts-tense and fluid, weighty and ethereal-and speaks to the mutability of perception and experience. More recently, Ramersdorfer has sheared away one side of the marble slab, shattering the boundary between surface and interior.  This creates a lighter and more dynamic piece, where the interior is hard to define, always changing.  

Things shift again in her latest series, Inner View Open, where closely layered slabs, angled in opposition to each other, create a single interior interrupted by delicate bridges and spindles.

 The effect is of something pulsing, living and mutable.  The images remind us that perception is subjective, an image or awareness that can change with the light, and conditional, based in the circumstances of a moment. In her Inner Views, Ramersdorfer translates the tension inherent in our desire to find a spiritual calm into sculptural form.   
Jacqueline Keren Salem, New York  

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